The Nice Shot is more than just a range; it’s a sanctuary for learning and personal growth. Our diverse training programs cater to every skill level and ambition. Master the basics of introductory firearm training, empower yourself with concealed carry knowledge, or push your limits with advanced defensive tactics. We even offer competitive shooting opportunities for the thrill-seekers among you.

Get to The Range. Get to The Nice Shot – Redding’s premier destination for safe gun handling, responsible firearm ownership, and pure shooting enjoyment.

Shooting Range

The Nice Shot

Where New Shooters Find Confidence and Comfort

Step onto our twelve pristine lanes, free from intimidation and brimming with opportunity. 

Novice or enthusiast, we have the equipment to ignite your passion. Rent from our extensive selection of handguns and long guns, each meticulously maintained for optimal performance. Hone your skills, gain confidence, and discover the joy of responsible gun ownership.

New Shooter

Have you ever yearned to learn the fundamentals of firearms, but hesitation held you back? Perhaps unfamiliarity sparked anxieties, or the vast array of options seemed daunting. Fear not, for Redding’s premier shooting range, The Nice Shot, welcomes you with open arms and expert guidance.

So, cast aside your doubts and embrace the empowering world of firearms. At The Nice Shot, you’ll find not just expert guidance, but a supportive community that celebrates your journey. Equip yourself with knowledge, hone your skills, and discover the confidence that comes with responsible firearm ownership.


New Shooter

Don’t know the first thing about guns? Never shot one before? intimidated? We have you covered.

Shooting Range

We have the facilities and faculty, 12 lanes, over 70 rental guns. Come in to train, research your next purchase, and have a great time.

Rental Guns

Cutting edge technology from the very best manufacturers available for testing.

The Armorer

We can customize and repair all types of firearms.