Shooting Range

We have 12 lanes and over 70 rental guns and rifles so whether you need to train, research your next purchase, or in for a good time, we have you covered.


Arm the body, arm the mind. We have a full selection of classes from concealed carry to advanced defensive tactics and handling that will fit any schedule.

The Armorer

Our cast of expert armorer’s can customize and repair all of your firearms.

New Shooter

Don’t know the first thing about guns? Never shot one before? intimidated? Not now! We have you covered.

Best experience I’ve had in an Arms Dealer. My service was excellent, and my family and I were provided with all the knowledge and friendliness I could ask for. The establishment is beautiful and I love that there is an indoor shooting range. Even though we were there until they closed I never felt as if we were being rushed. Made my purchase with confidence and will recommend in the future.

Crystaline S.

Nice Shot is the best place to go for practically anything to do with firearms, training and concealed carry. I just discovered the range this year and every time I have gone to shoot guns or ask questions there has been an associate to give me detailed answers, insider info, and experience-backed opinions to any questions that I had regarding specific firearms, shooting technique, classes, and other products. Mike, one of the few instructors at Nice Shot, is just spectacular! Not only does he do a superb job at teaching up-to-date material during his CCW courses, he has a wealth of information from his years of experience in Law Enforcement to be able to answer the most specific or complicated questions that one can have. Nice Shot is also laid back and not a stressful shooting experience while also keeping safety as the number one priority. If I am wanting a range to go shoot my guns or talk with the staff, I’m picking Nice Shot every time!

Hunter M.

This is a great place to shoot. Brought my daughter and son-in-law here for a basic pistol class. Neither had ever held a pistol. Andrew was so thorough and so knowledgeable, yet he managed to put them both at ease. He took them through the basics, emphasizing safety above everything else, and guided them on the range, through a variety of different pistols and calibers. His manner was always encouraging and respectful. They came away so excited and enthusiastic about shooting as a sport.
I taught in public schools for 30 years, mentored new teachers and coached struggling teachers, and Andrew is one of the best natural teachers I’ve ever run across. This is a friendly, well run facility with just about everything a shooting enthusiast could possibly want.

Bruce C.

Most knowledgeable on California gun laws than any other FFL dealer in the area. Great customer service, they meet or beat anybody’s prices. Also they have a very great CCW class, very informational very professional, and all around great business.

Ryan S.