Michael Rynearson - The Historian

Michael Rynearson - The Historian

BSIS Instructor, FSC Instructor, Armorer

Michael is certified in many disciplines. He has over 20 years of law enforcement expertise, instruction with firearms, personal defense concepts, private & federal security contracting. Hobbies include spending time with family.


Nice Shot Training Institute, Inc.

Rynearson Safety Training

DOJ FSC CI# 200910

NRA# 151827490

COE# 14140

POST A66-A46

TFF 1402, TIF 1917,

TFB 1233, TIB 1736.


Laurie Forni - The Lady

Laurie Forni - The Lady

Instructor, Armorer

Laurie is a lifetime communications specialist and educator. She has conducted federal, state, private sector management, and service in a variety of roles. Hobbies include horseback riding, scuba diving, and gardening.


Nice Shot Training Institute, Inc.

DOJ FSC CI# 349684

NRA# 211644087


Andrew Hackett - The Counselor

Andrew Hackett - The Counselor

NRA CTC, Instructor, Armorer

Andrew is a lifetime educator and learner of firearms, self defense, arts, and sciences. NRA counselor/instructor. He has conducted private sector instruction, management, and service in a variety of roles.


Nice Shot Training Institute, Inc.

DOJ FSC CI# 201726

NRA# 208141390


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