BSIS approved Initial exposed firearms course. I highly recommend that you bring snacks and something to drink.

You will need to QUALIFY WITH EACH CALIBER that you want listed on your card. Firearms are available for rent at the range as is ammo.

You will need to bring a COPY OF PROOF OF US CITIZENSHIP which can be one of several times (County or State issued birth certificate, Valid US passport, DD-214, etc…) If you have doubts, call in advance to confirm. No certificates will be issued out until this is confirmed per CA law.

No steel case ammo allowed on our range.

Ammo is available for sale and use at the range. Sale of ammo at the range for use while you are at the range DOES NOT require a background check like it does at all other retailers. If you have an unusual caliber, we recommend that you call in advance to make sure we have it if you need it.

Class cost is $180


Bookings are closed for this event.