At our training facility we have many students with goals of safety and professionalism in carrying firearms for work/duty and for the protection of themselves and others. Law Enforcement and Security officers train in a variety of formats for open and concealed carry, and use the appropriate holsters/attire. Recently many concealed carriers have been requesting outside the waistband holsters to complete their Initial/Renewal Courses. We have armored stalls and a completely safe environment to shoot indoors. We highly recommend that our carriers conceal as inconspicuously as possible, utilizing IWB inside the waistband holsters. Training with OWB outside the waistband holsters is dangerous without the appropriate instruction/training/mentoring. Many articles attached… stay safe out there folks, and join us for our many opportunities in safely training with your firearms.…/concealed-carry-do-you-need-to-prac……/10-things-you-should-never-do…/…/drawing-a-pistol-from-concealmen…/…/the-evils-of-speed-holster…/14102/…/how-to-safely-reholster-your-h…/