New Shooters

Basic Pricing Breakdowns

The firearm world can seem intimidating and overwhelming when just starting out with them.
We want your first experience to be a positive and friendly one in a fun, safe environment.

Private Firearm Instruction

1-2 Hours instruction – 1 to 1-2 people


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Private Instruction / Firearm Familiarity


Cost: $90 (1 to 2 people)
Course Length: 1-2 Hours

We want your first firearm experience to be a positive and friendly one in a fun, safe environment. This is a 1-2 hour training session that can be set to accommodate your schedule. An NRA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR will design the course around the needs of the student in order to understand the safe use of various types of firearms and select one that will best serve you. Private Instruction can also include any of the intermediate and advanced skills offered by our training facility.

Class covers:

  • Safety considerations.
  • Fitting a gun to you as a shooter rather than the shooter to the gun.
  • Mechanical functions of firearms.
  • Biomechanics of shooting including stances, trigger control and sight alignment.
  • Mental preparation / proper mindset.
  • Safe storage of firearms.
  • Ammunition.
Call or text for appointment
Andrew: (530) 736-7634
John: (530) 339-6898
(530) 524-3288

Introduction to Firearms


Classes are offered in a variety of time formats frequently in an effort to fit student’s schedules. We have 3 instructors to choose from to fit student’s tastes and styles.





Ammunition Cost

Eye Protection

Additional $3 per pair

No low cut tops

Brass casings are hot and travel during shooting sports.


Must wear shoes




All ammo used in rental guns must be purchase in-house. Ammunition must have copper jackets (exception: rimfire), and have no steel components. Aluminum casings are acceptable.


Outside targets must meet size requirements, one target is provided with lane, additional targets are $1 to $2. “Bullseye, Silhouette, Zombie, Hostage, Militant…”

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