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The prices for renting guns is great at $10 a gun and then to rent a shooting lane is only $15 and you can shoot for however long you want! It's great! The customer service is awesome as well. They are willing to make sure that you are set and ready to go! I highly recommend it!
-Joshua W.

The people there are awesome. Lots of personality. knowledgeable, and the customer service is amazing. Community is also a big plus to this place. The lanes and selection are very nice.
-Eric C.

Most knowledgeable on California gun laws than any other FFL dealer in the area. Great customer service, they meet or beat anybody's prices. Also they have a very great CCW class, very informational very professional, and all around great business.
-Ryan S.

We had an amazing time in there and the staffer took his time to explain how to handle a weapon and showed us how to shoot. There is a huge selection and we chose some handguns, and a rifle. As I appeared to be too weak for the desert eagle he changed the weapon for free. We enjoyed it so much, thank you very much. And sir, I’m sorry for my friends. You are awesome!:) Merica!
-Heinrich H.

Best experience I've had in an Arms Dealer. My service was excellent thanks to Julie and she treated my family and I with all the knowledge and friendliness I could ask for. The establishment is beautiful and I love that there is an indoor shooting range. Even though we were there until they closed I never felt as if we were being rushed. Made my purchase with confidence and will recommend in the future!
-Crystaline S.

I wanted to provide feedback on the initial CCW training course I took with Andrew. This course answered all of my questions and then some. Everything was easy to follow along with and Andrew was able to answer all questions that were asked. Learning what to do after an incident was a biggie for me. I also learned that although I know about and am comfortable with my weapons, I will be taking a defensive handgun course next to learn how to more effectively use my weapon in a real world situation. I was so excited to come home and tell my husband, friends and family about the class and what I learned! I look forward to more classes and range time at Nice Shot. Thanks Andrew!!!
-Lisa H.

Obtained my CA Guard Card from Nice Shot. Mike was an awesome instructor. Definitely returning for phase II, baton, pepper spray and taser classes!
-David T.

Great shooting range very helpful customer service. Loving my new M&P Shield. Will definitely be doing business with them in the future.
-Daniel N.

Took a class from John Panger, I recommend him. He will tell you like it is, no messing around. He takes the class seriously and even has some humor. Thank you nice shot, I'll be coming back many more times.
–Allen S.

I have taken a couple of Firearms Classes at Nice Shot, and have enjoyed the factual and entertaining information presented by their Firearms Instructors. They have a very nice indoor shooting range. I have never purchased a gun or used their gunsmith, but they seem to have a good variety of Firearms and Ammunition. The Wife and I want to have a "Date Night" at Nice Shot some evening, sounds romantic right, girls with guns!
–Noel L.

Just got off the phone with the people at nice shot. The lady I talked to was very nice and provided all the info I wanted about a CCW. No complaints from this quarter.
–Norvin G.

I have been coming to nice shot since they first opened and I was coming with my dad (I was 7). This is the only indoor range in Redding, and it is very nice. The staff has a very happy no no-nonsense attitude and they know their stuff. I would not expect someone to hold your hand, answers tend to be short and to the point, but there is no better pistol range in Redding. The staff recognizes and greets me when I come in, which I think is a mark of a good gun store.
–Nathan H.

Completed my CCW training class with John P. What a awesome experience I had through his teaching. Learned a bunch more than what I knew. Gun safety, laws, and positive things while conceal carry. John P got down to business about the serious stuff and also through some jokes in there too. I'm looking forward to taking the advanced gun classes. And I will for sure recommend CCW classes at NiceShot to anyone I know looking to get it done. Thank you NiceShot and John P.

Never had a bad experience there. Staff is always nice to my daughter and I when we shoot there. Ammo prices are extremely reasonable. I could do without the young guys blasting their 12 gauge shotguns in their "big manhood" contests. How hard is it to hit a target with a shotgun at point blank range? But overall, it's a great place to shoot.

I laugh at the reviews of folks who don't like the attitudes of the staff...If you are too sensitive to deal with them, get a tazer or pepper spray, you aren't tough enough to properly use a weapon should the time come that you need to. Personally, I have found the staff to be exceptionally knowledgeable (they actually crack open the penal code and other legal media) they don't spout some crap they heard from a guy. Furthermore, they know guns and don't sell low grade firearms.

Oregonian down visiting family and needed a place to shoot. Very friendly and knowledgeable service. This place is often busy but they are always willing to help and answer questions. Nice selection of guns and gear too, for California! LOL! When I'm in town, I'm headed to Nice Shot wherethe nice guys can get nice service.
-­Michelle S.

It's a very good place to go to figure out what gun you may like. You are allowed to rent and shoot most reliable guns that are sold in the state of CA. I like the staff they are knowledgeable the tall guy and Julie are good at knowing their guns. I bought a gun had a problem and they fixed it.
-Rick C.

Took the Firearm Safety Class with Andrew today.Great teacher and great info. Can only recommend him and Nice Shot!
-­Gaby V.

Exciting. It had been years since I last shot a firearm since my hand surgery. Back to normal lol.
-Carol J.

Great customer service and nice shop!!!! Love em'!
-Susan L.

Great shooting range very helpful customer service. Loving my new M&P Shield. Will definitely be doing business with them in the future.
-Daniel N.

I was in town(Red Bluff) visiting family and my brother recomended Nice Shot I really liked how the staff was more than happy to answer my questions and staff was extremly polite.
-­David M.

It was our first time at this indoor range today. We were helped by Julie. She was super helpful and easy to talk to. My boyfriend was researching revolvers to buy, and Julie was extremely patient with all his questions. We also had a great time doing some pistol shooting at their indoor range. Great overall experience, we will definitely be going back there again.-­Kelly S.

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