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Requirements for all cards

The instructor is to inform students that unless they provide proof of citizenship, or legal residence and authorization to work, they are not allowed to participate in the course. (Business and Professional Code Section 7585.8a)

  1. Alien Registration Receipt Card [green card]
  2. Permanent Resident Card [green card]. This card must contain a photograph of the bearer.
  3. Certificate of Naturalization. This certificate must contain a photograph of the bearer with a dry seal over the photograph
  4. Certificate of United States Citizenship
  5. Certificate of Birth abroad issued by the Department of State
  6. Native American Tribal documents
  7. United States Military ID card
  8. Report of Separation [military discharge] (Form DD-214)
  9. Birth Certificate showing birth in the United States or protectorate
  10. United States Passport (valid)
  11. Permit to Reenter the United States (INS Form I-327)

Documents NOT accepted

  1. Temporary Resident Card
  2. Employment Authorization Card
  3. Employment Eligibility Verification
  4. Driver's License
  5. Social Security Card
  6. Foreign Passport
  7. Voter Registration
  8. School Identification Card
  9. Hospital Record
  10. Visas

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