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Concealed Weapons Training (CCW)

Firearms Safety Firearms Safety Firearms Safety

Cost: $150

This training course provides a thorough interactive presentation consisting of 12 hours of instruction in a safe and fun environment. Students will participate throughout lessons that exceed the requirements most counties in northern California set forth for applicants prior to applying for their concealed weapons license through their local Sheriff or Police Department. The completion of the class itself does NOT guarantee the individual will receive their license.

Class covers:
  • Ethical considerations.
  • Special safety considerations.
  • Selecting a Firearm for personal protection.
  • Selecting ammunition for personal protection.
  • Storing a handgun safely outside the home (lock boxes, etc…).
  • Styles and types of holsters.
  • The four levels of awareness.
  • Responsibility of carrying lethal force.
  • Safe Storing and transportation of guns in general as required by California law.
  • Mental preparation / proper mindset.
  • Avoiding life-threatening confrontations.
  • Psychological / physiological changes during an attack.
  • Controlling and responding to a violent encounter.
  • Emotional, legal, and social aftermath.

There is a shooting portion to the class. Students should be prepared to fire 50 rounds. Guns are available to rent if you do not yet own a gun or want to try something new.

Classes are offered in a variety of time formats frequently in an effort to fit student's schedules. We have 2 instructors to choose from to fit student's tastes and styles.

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